Learn About Quality Fabricare


For three generations, the Baker family has passed down a lifetime of experience in the art of professional drycleaning. Among the most respected and knowledgeable in the industry, the Baker brothers of Quality Fabricare continue to pursue the latest techniques and innovative equipment for cleaning, spotting and finishing.

Co-owners, Curt and Jim Baker, consult other industry leaders known for their high standards to learn the latest, safest, and most effective way to care for all types of clothing. Curt, a 1984 graduate of International Fabricare Institute, is responsible for the care and cleaning of every garment. Jim is responsible for the care and inspection of every shirt. Both men are passionate about their work and look for the highest level of perfection in regards to cleanliness, finishing, accuracy, and packaging.


The privilege to serve clients is one that is earned one garment at a time. Curt and Jim are aware of the trust bestowed upon them to care for what may be an heirloom, favorite suit, or special dress. That is why Quality Fabricare will never compromise when it comes to caring for your clothes. Your wardrobe will look better, feel better, smell better, and last much longer.


Quality Fabricare highly regards each customer, which means the owners and drivers strive to know their customers by name and go to any length to serve them. Tailoring to special requests and preferences is their pleasure.

Our Staff

To work for Quality Fabricare, one must be the best at what they do and have many years of experience. Every member of the Quality Fabricare team must meet rigid standards, possess high attention to detail, and have great pride in their work.

Our Facility

Quality Fabricare has a state of the art facility, outfitted with the finest equipment available, which sets them apart from other dry cleaners. There is no one better prepared to care for your personal and cherished garments.

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